Automatic tissue processor Leica TP 1020


The Leica TP 1020 is an automatic tissue processor that perfectly combines approved technology with modern, user-friendly design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety for tissue at all stages of the processing run, robust engineering design based on innovative precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface – these are the convincing features of the Leica TP1020. Easy to program, this instrument offers the user utmost flexibility to suit the individual requirements of any laboratory.

The Leica TP1020 tissue processor is available in four configurations: the basic instrument, the basic instrument with vacuum, the basic instrument with a fume control system and the basic instrument with both vacuum and fume control.

Gentle specimen processing and a high level of specimen safety at all stages of the processing run are supported by the robust design based on precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface.


Carousel lid 820 mm Ø
Height 595 – 780 mm
Diameter of rollers 610 mm
Dry weight (including accessories) 60 kg
Wax baths 2 (3 optional)
Wax baths capacity 1.8 Liters
Wax baths temperature range 45 °C – 65 °
Standard tissue basket capacity max 100 cassettes
Nominal voltage 100/120/230/240 V AC ± 10%
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz
Excess temperature cutout 75 °C ± 4 °C
Reagent containers 10 (9)
Reagent container capacity 1.8 liters
Standard tissue baskets 1 (2 optional)
Programs 9, freely selectable
Programmable infiltration time per station 99 h 59 min
Delayed start 9 days
Drain time 60 s
Vacuum device pressure difference max 500 hPa (approx. 0.5 bar)